Being in your comfort zone is not a bad thing in itself and spending time there is something I really love.  It doesn’t automatically equal apathy, being less than you could be or complacency.  That is a common perception and a flawed one.
But life does require us to go out of our comfort zone from time to time and sometimes to get what we want we need to push ourselves. Another common perception and one that’s equally as flawed as the comfort zone being ‘bad’ is that going out of your comfort zone is painful or uncomfortable.

The trick is to spend time being uncomfortable or experiencing discomfort without trying to do anything about it. When you do that, something amazing happens (here comes the science bit). Your capacity to be with discomfort increases to the point where it becomes larger than the discomfort. Your ability to experience uncomfortable energy increases to the point where it is bigger than the uncomfortable energy itself – and when you do that it no longer has the same power or hold over you.

To put it another way, when your capacity to experience discomfort becomes greater than the discomfort itself, you’re able to accept it and be at ease with it.

That’s how – as strange as it seems – going out of your comfort zone can be equally as comfortable as being in your comfort zone, as long as you allow yourself to be with your feeling of discomfort first. That’s one of tricks in becoming Effortlessly Confident, and it’s one of the most liberating and simple methods to being more that I know of.