If people know all about goals, why are they not achieving all the things they desire?

The first and most simple answer to this question is that even though people know about goal setting and talk about the importance of it, they don’t do it.

The second, more powerful and less obvious reason why people are not achieving what is possible for them is that goals are just one part of the achievement and success process.

In order to achieve at the highest levels you must consider all three parts of your life, which goals don’t really do.

You are where you are today because of the choices, experiences, associations, inputs, ideas, beliefs, opportunities and habits in your life up until this moment.

The underlying point of a goal is to create something different in our future than we currently have or experience. So it follows that in order to reach that destination we must do something differently.

This means that to reach your goals you must create new or different choices, experiences, associations, inputs, ideas, beliefs, opportunities and habits.

What do you need to explore to achieve your goals:

Where you have been 

Your past is what puts you in your current situation. Therefore, in order to best determine how to move forward, you must better understand where you have been. This understanding can come from reflection and exploration of past situations and experiences.

This is important because if you don’t understand your past choices, habits, etc., you are likely to repeat them unconsciously.

Where you are

Today, your current status and situation, creates the context for any goal. While you will be most successful if you are grateful for your current circumstances (however challenging they might be), you also need to be unsatisfied with your current life (however wonderful things are).

Complacency is the enemy of progress and a healthy amount of discontent can provide the impetus for your greater success. In order to successfully move towards your desired future, you must acknowledge the present.

Where you want to be

Goals, especially when they are clear and specific, help create a focus on the future. Use this focus to create the action that is required to reach your goals. You must make changes to your habits, associations, ideas and approaches to achieve success.

So let’s run through what you need to do to achieve your goals.

  1. Understand your past
  2. Acknowledge your future
  3. Take actions required to reach your goals

When you put all of these components together in the right way, you will create remarkable results.