Solution Focused Therapy

Brief Solution Focused Therapy is a modern form of psychotherapy that aims to make changes as quickly as possible, hence the term ‘brief’.

Research shows that this type of therapy can bring about lasting change on average in less than 5 sessions and in up to 83% of referrals.

Understanding the details and ’cause’ of the problem is often not necessary to finding a solution. The important issues are how does the client want things to be different and what will it take to make it happen.

BSFT focuses on the future (and how it will be better when things change) and concentrates on establishing clear goals. Goals direct the therapy process and help it remain focused and brief.  If we don’t know where we’re going, we don’t know when we’ve got there.

It can be brief because it is future-focused and because it works with the strengths of those who come by making the best use of their resources, and it can bring about lasting change precisely because it aims to build solutions rather than solve problems.

People come to my practice with an enormously diverse range of troubles including stress, depression, anxiety, sleep-problems, drug and alcohol problems, relationship difficulties with both children and partners, histories of abuse and oppression, pain, mental health problems and work-related concerns.

The techniques associated with this therapy will stay with you for ever.  You will find that the therapist and you work in a very relaxed way and you will learn that the problem is the problem and not the person.