That Bad Word – Responsibility

As we move into a new year many of us are hoping for some improvement in our lives.  I have noticed so often that we talk about other people taking responsibility but have never sat down and looked at us to see how that word fits in with our lives.

It is so much easier for us to blame something or someone else when our lives don’t pan out how we expected it to.   If we ask “Who is to blame?” then we cast ourselves as a Victim and this leads to us giving away all our power.  It allows us to stay stuck.  

By owning what has happened, taking responsibility for it and being responsible for our futures we can chose to put our energy into making the right choices that will get the positive results that we want.

So, by saying I am 100% responsible for my life and how I experience it”, try answering these questions:-

1. Look at the parts of your life that you haven’t wholly accepted.  What are you not facing?  Where are you blaming others or the world?  Be specific with your answers.
2. Acknowledge the facts of the situation; look at the facts, not the blame.  Ask yourself ‘What would it be like to let go of that?’  Think about what would be different in your life if you accepted the situation as it is.
3. Look at the potential for taking responsibility.  What choices do you need to make to let go of the blame and take responsibility?
4. Having looked at the possibilities and choices, what actions could you take to create that new situation?  What choices and actions will you commit to?

Assigning blame, pointing the finger and asking ‘Whose fault is it?’ is a way of disowning parts of your life and giving away your power.  Taking responsibility is about owning where you are in life and being able to move forwards and create a fun, compelling and fulfilling future.