Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

If you are a smoker you will be aware of all the potential methods on the market to help you to stop smoking ranging from nicotine patches and chewing gum to tablets, lozenges and inhalers. All these methods leave out two vital components – The subconscious mind and your imagination.

Stopping smoking & your subconscious mind
There is no mystery if you have tried many of the above to help you stop smoking but if none of them have worked the key is to tap into your subconscious mind and change your belief system. Even if you have consciously decided you would like to become a non smoker your subconscious mind still believes it is a luxury you enjoy, a luxury that calms and relaxes you, a luxury that you depend on and one that is going to be very hard to give up.

Stopping smoking and your imagination 
The imagination also plays a big part in why smokers find it so hard to stop smoking. A smoker will start to think about having a break, imagining themselves lighting up a cigarette…………. how relaxed they are going to feel…………. the aroma, and the calm feeling as they take their first…….. long……… draw………….. If you are a smoker by now your imagination will be working overtime and you may find yourself wanting to smoke simply by reading the previous sentence.

You will find that people who have quit smoking at a conscious level find an association like the one above a constant battle to overcome. Although they have decided to stop, subconsciously smoking is still an attractive habit for them which may act as a comfort while socialising or as an anxiety release when they are stressed. 

These associations need to be removed using hypnotherapy and more importantly be replaced with powerful positive suggestions to help them deal with stressful situations that they find themselves in.

Why Hypnotherapy works
After a “Stop Smoking Session” you will be a non smoker at a conscious and subconscious level ensuring you will not have any of the side effects usually associated with quitting smoking. You will not feel deprived of your past habit or substitute it for a new oral compulsive habit like eating.  In fact, you will feel a huge sense of pride and pleasure every time you refuse a cigarette knowing you have finally taken control of your actions.

Now if you felt calmer and content and had a rush of pride when you found yourself in situations where you would usually smoke and now you don’t, wouldn’t it be easy to be a non smoker? Of course it would!

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