Overweight and tried many diets

Loosing weight through crash diets and trendy weight loss plans can work but you will eventually pile on those pounds if you have not uncovered the reason why you overeat. 

Emotional hunger
We have all eaten for emotional reasons at some point.  We start our association with food in our early years.  Sometimes it is a positive one and sometimes we learn to respond to food in an emotional way.  It may be you felt lonely and found food to be a substitute, or was shy and not very confident and found food made you “feel” safe.

It is no wonder that later on in life when we are anxious or feel low about ourselves we find that we turn to food because we had such a positive association with eating at one of the most impressionable times of our lives.

Losing weight – Emotional eating
Once you are eating emotionally it soon becomes a vicious circle as you eat to curb your emotions thus putting on weight which compounds how you feel about yourselves.  It’s a destructive cycle. You can end up using food to regulate your mood and overcome feelings of anxiety and self esteem. This causes you to become overweight as you consume far more calories than your body burns off.

Do not confuse emotional hunger with physical hunger
Emotional hunger is when you get a sudden urge to eat.  You are not getting these messages from your stomach.  The drive to eat and indulge yourself is coming from your emotions. This subconscious desire will have a psychological cause that you may or may not be consciously aware of.  Eating has become an external representation of your internal anxiety such as loneliness, low self esteem or other negative beliefs.

Physical hunger
When your appetite for food comes on progressively and gradually increases this is a physical message coming from your stomach.  You start to feel empty and may feel your stomach rumble and feel low on energy. Most importantly physical hunger stops when you are full.  You will not feel the need to continue to snack on biscuits or crisps.

I use Ego State Therapy and Hypnotherapy to treat people suffering from emotional hunger. This type of therapy is very effective in removing once and for all the underlying reasons why a person feels the need to overeat.  

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