Habits have been learned and are difficult to break. Not all habits are bad or unwanted of course: The habit of brushing your teeth or of looking in the mirror when you’re about to drive off for example, are useful and positive habits that serve us well.

In fact, all habits began because they offered benefits – something that satisfied a part of us. In the case of ‘bad habits’, though, what has happened is that over time the benefit may have been lost yet the trait continues.

Habits and addictions are at opposing ends of the dependency scale.  But whichever end you are at, if what you experience is having a negative effect on your life, then something needs to be done about it.

The simple truth is that we developed negative habits through periods of vulnerability, when we were experiencing emotional difficulty. We became dependent on those habits for relief or distraction or as simple coping mechanisms.

Whatever form of negative habit you have developed began for a reason: nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling, teeth grinding, smoking, all began because some part of you believed that it was in your best interests to engage in this behaviour.

If you have reached the stage where you’ve decided to really do something to end your bad habit then Hypnotherapy can really help you.

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