In this day and age when everything is up in the air economically, many of us are feeling unsettled.  That feeling of being “comfortable” is even more important to us.

Comfort is about safety.  A life where there are no problems.  We feel completely secure and are not afraid of challenges – for they don’t exist.

In our comfort zones, nothing moves, nothing shakes. No competition, no challenge, no need to exert ourselves! In a word, everything is ‘cool’, ‘calm’ and ‘collected’ – just the way we like it!

But we all know that life, especially in the business world, is far from being ‘cool’, ‘calm’ and ‘collected’. With the fast-changing technologies and the rat race that characterize businesses today, it would be suicidal for a businessperson to sit on their laurels as though without a care in the world. To think, even for a moment, that we can sustain successful businesses by just ‘sitting there’ is, to say the least, a fallacy.

And this applies to our personal life too. The moment we become ‘comfortable’ and ‘satisfied’ with who we are and what we have, we kill the desire for improvement. However good you may be, you will always find that there are certain things you can do better.  Times are a changing and it is even more important for you to rise to the challenge.

Learn to embrace the new, even though it might be scary.  Extend your boundaries a little further from the ‘comfortable’. And when you reach there, stretch them a little further still. In doing so, you will not only reinvent yourself/your business, but you will also contribute to making “your world” a happier and more secure place.

The best thing is, that you will realize that you have got so much more inside you.  Your realization that you can rise to the challenges that face you will inevitably boost your self esteem.

So, after reading this, what do you need to do to move out of your comfort zone and into making the changes you need to, to improve your life?