Depression is different for every person who suffers from it. The symptoms can range from feeling a bit blue to full scale depression where the person feels very low and believes there is no way out of these dark feelings.

Depressions can involve anxiety, tiredness and body aches, lethargy and procrastination. Our depressed immune system can also result in constant colds, flu’s and viruses.  Many describe it as living in a fog.

Often people prefer to use their inner strength to pull themselves from this dark place, as opposed to taking antidepressants which can cover the symptoms rather than tackle the root of the problem. 

Hypnotherapy and Ego State Therapy can be applied by working directly on your symptoms or by helping you to address unresolved emotional issues that may have contributed to your depression.

Therapy could really help you to lift that fog, help you feel more motivated, more positive, more energetic, more focused and more interested in what’s going on around you.

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