TIGS Tribe is my school for helping women become self-empowered.  It can be found at www.tigs-tribe.com.

The courses are run by me for women who want feel that there is more to them than the person who is holding on to insecurities, anxieties and maybe even feels lost.  

Many of us hit a time in our life when we feel things have to change.  It could be in our 20’s when we feel life is passing by and we may be missing the thing that will fulfill us.  

We could have had children and wake up one day and feel we have lost ourselves whilst caring for others.

Challenging times can come when our relationship breaks down or we tragically lose our partner and we feel we have to start again.

These life changing courses will help you to connect to your authentic (real) Self.

You will discover the world that is inside of you and you will explore your dreams, passions and purpose. 

Below are some of the changes that will take place: 

  • Become more confident
  • Deal with life better
  • Be more visible, seen by the world
  • Move past life hurts more easily
  • Find it easier to overcome the challenges you keep facing
  • Able to have healthy relationships and choose the right partner more easily
  • Let go of anxiety and lack of confidence

Contact Marion if you would like to find out more on 07712 537099. 

LIVE BIG Course 1

I can show you how to stop being a People Pleaser, Perfectionist who likes control and to let go of any behaviour patterns from your past that holds you back from being the best version of yourself.  If you have ever felt that there was more to you and you are struggling to find your passion and purpose then join the TRIBE!


This course is the second in the series and is for those people who have attended the LIVE BIG course. 

We start looking at the stories, the blocks and the behaviours that are still holding you back from being happy and fulfilled. 

This 4 weeks will change your life!


Personal development is an important part of evolving as a human being.  

After becoming consciously aware of your patterns of behaviour and letting them go, exploring the energy behind life will allow you to understand and resonate with the world around you.

Contact me to find out when the next course is running. 

You can also check out TIGS TRIBE at http://tigs-tribe.com

Courses are held as a group locally (after UK is COVID free) or via Zoom.