Armchair Talk with Oleg Caraus – Why suffer if you aren’t suffering

Oleg Caraus dedicates his life to serving people with love, honesty, respect and understanding.  He is a husband and father, State of Mind Coach, Blogger and Power of Insight Podcast host.  He helps people identify and create new possibilities in their lives.

Oleg was born in Moldova and used to live on one Euro a day as a teenager. He travelled abroad to find a better life and 17 years ago arrived in the Republic of Ireland.  In 2010 he graduated from University with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Management.  During his time in Ireland he studied and trained in many disciplines and now the core focus of his State of Mind Coaching Business is around understanding who we really are and how our experience of life is created.

Power of Insight

      • The four pillars (Understanding, creation, action and results)
        • Understanding is showing people that life comes from within, seeing who we really are. Thoughts are the main source of our feelings and our understanding of the world.
        • Creation: How creative we really are. We can create with thought and feelings.
        • Action:  Action without fear.  When movement happens we learn more and find out what we want to create in life.
        • Results: These are different for everyone.
      • Understanding who we really are is the most important thing for us to create the life that we want.   It ensures we go in the right direction. we align with what we really want.
      • If we don’t know who we really are we use the wrong intentions when we do after things.
      • You are okay the way you are, it is only thoughts that create our feelings.
      • Understanding who we really are and how thoughts create our reality is how we fundamentally change.
      • Thought on its own is neutral.  Thought coupled with love has a creative power.
      • If we love what we do and are engaged in what we are creating then this is being born out of insight.
      • Thought is neutral and we attach a feeling too that.
      • Feeling bad is completely normal.  Stay with the feeling, without trying to understand it and watch that feeling arise. The more you aren’t afraid of those feelings, they go away.  We spend less time with those feelings.
      • Struggle happens because we try and fix or dwell on bad feelings.
      • It is a MUST for all human beings to have all feelings. It is what makes us human.
      • When we “lose our minds” we naturally go back to our fantastic mental health , because great mental health is innate.
      • What part of you is suffering…. who is suffering. Which part of us is ME.  ME is a thought.
      • What is this ME that we think we are.   It is not who we really are.
      • A thought was telling me that I am ME.
      • We are energy of life flowing through and we are a field of energy created in that moment.
      • Who we think we are is someone who does not exist.  Who we REALLY as is pure consciousness, the same as everyone else.
      • Some moments we are authentic and sometimes we are not.  We are human when we lose our authentic connection and drop out of clarity of mind.
If I am you and you are me where is the sufferer?

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