Armchair Talk with Michael Spencer – Decluttering your home & making space through inner wisdom

Michael Spencer is a Home Energy Coach and Reiki practitioner who helps soulful, sensitive people declutter their homes to create space for what truly matters most. She is the creator of a high vibration method of decluttering called Home Energy Purification, which incorporates intuition, mindfulness, and energy work into the process. Michael is the founder of Let’s Purify, her online coaching business, and the host of The Let’s Purify! Podcast.

Decluttering your home and making space through inner Wisdom

  • The belongings that we choose to have in our homes reflect who we are and what we value.
  • We gather belongings that don’t resonate any longer with our lives and values.
  • Allow your home to reflect the inner you.
  • Create time and space to sit with our belongings to feel the energy and decide whether they fit in with our lives any more.
  • Do our belongings fit in with the new vision of where we are heading emotionally and physically heading.
  • Our relationship with our stuff can be based on emotions such as security. We can lean towards this emotion more than leaning towards our inner wisdom which knows we are always secure.
  • Downsizing to meaningful things frees up life to spend more time being present.
  • Letting things go in the moment because it is the right thing to do, means no guilt.

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