Armchair Talk with Laurie Holmes – The Importance of Being Visible

Laurie Holmes is the author of “Becoming Human; The Story of You and Me and How We Came To Be” and a Transformative Coach, Women’s Group Facilitator as well as being a part time massage therapist, Grandmother and curious explorer of life’s endless highway of opportunties, creativities and adventures just waiting to be uncovered and discovered.

She lives in Hardeeville, South Carolina with her bossy cat, Chloe, and see’s each day with fresh eyes. She truly has a contagious zest for life.

The Importance of Being Visible

  • We need to be visible in relationships / within our work places etc. and be present with another human being.
  • Listening is so important to be able to connect with another person.
  • Being present in the moment is being visible.
  • If you step up and are visible then you need to know how to receive.
  • The biggest gift you can give to another human being is yourself.
  • When we all show up as our authentic self the energy of pure consciousness is present.
  • When we are authentic there is a vibrational change. There is a calmness present when we speak and interact with people.

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