Armchair Talk with Diane Xeureb – Fairy Tales and Transformation

Diane Xuereb is orginally from Malta and now lives in the Netherlands. She is a taxi driver who has a thirst for understanding herself and those around her.

After moving to the Netherlands to be with her former girlfriend she found herself on the streets. Seven years later she realises that this gave her the opportunity to change and do something different with her life.

Diane became a Coach for a while and then decided to follow her heart and express who she really is. She does this as the host of the “Permission to be Me” podcast. Her desire is that people will find their own voice and discover the power and beauty in themselves.

Fairy Tales and Transformation

  • Diane transformed herself by listening to the “Once Upon a Time” series.  She saw character traits that resonated with her and she claimed them or let others go.
  • What is behind the behavior of the characters in fairy tales?
  • When we understand why the character behaves in a certain way we feel compassion, and this can lead to feeling compassion for ourselves.
  • We all have some of the characteristics of our favorite characters.
  • When we look at fairy tales and stories closely, we get drawn to characters that have personality traits that resonate with us. These may be traits that we love or lack.
  • Transformation comes when a character finds themselves; remembers who they really are.
  • Who you are is someone more than you think.
  • The dark side points you back to what you are not seeing.
  • Real transformation comes when we are able to let go of our own stories.
  • The characters in fairy tales are acting out from memories and beliefs of not feeling good enough and ultimately became villains.  This mirrors our own lives.
  • Fairy Tales always point towards us having faith.  Having faith can be a ray of sunlight for people who perhaps are feeling hopeless.
  • Stories can show people that with faith, hope and love we always find a way and have everything that we need in any given moment.
  • Inner wisdom is listening to that gentle whisper that tries to speak to us when we feel doubtful.

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