Armchair Talk with Catherine Anness – Relationships and Boundaries

Catherine Anness lives in a small town in North Western Ontario, Canada and has worked for over 25 years in the social services field, and seasonally for 20 years as a Park Ranger on a wilderness park. She taught Yoga and had a Reiki practice for many years. She is not a health and well-being Coach and Podcaster. Catherine’s passion these days is supporting clients in reconnecting with their own inner Wisdom and well-being.

Relationships and Boundaries

  • Our primary relationship is with ourselves and not with anyone else.
  • We need to journey “back to ourselves” rather than find someone to love us.
  • We need to look within and not find whatever we are looking for outside of ourselves.
  • Giving another person what they want, makes you look very low maintenance.  At some point the other person will see that you are not showing up in the world authentically.
  • Don’t create boundaries in your relationship, seek clarity instead.  From that clarity, all our outside relationship are formed in an authentic way.
  • Our relationship with people outside of ourselves is a direct reflection of our own consciousness.
  • Stop trying to work on having a healthy relationship.  It is not possible to heal or fix someone else.
  • Loving yourself and accepting yourself means boundaries automatically happen by you showing up and speaking the truth.
  • We no longer need to find a partner that makes us happier, we can become clearer about what type of partner we want when we have clarity.
  • The right people who can love you and support you just show up when you love and appreciate yourself.
  • The more you love and accept yourself the more loving and accepting you become of other people.  This doesn’t mean you will subject yourself to bad behavior because you will see what is going on with that person much earlier on.  Poor behavior start very early on!
  • If you are a truth player, then your own clarity will spot someone isn’t very early on.
  • We all have the Wisdom inside to understand our own lives more clearly.  We all have to find our own way to access that.
  • Unconditional love means you don’t allow someone to treat you badly because you love yourself first and foremost and have so much respect for yourself as a human being. Having respect for other people means you don’t allow them to continue that behavior

As Catherine said so profoundly “I am the love I was looking for”.



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