Armchair Talk with Catherine Anness – Experiencing Inner Wisdom Through Good Times & Bad Times

Catherine Anness lives in a small town in North Western Ontario, Canada and has worked for over 25 years in the social services field, and seasonally for 20 years as a Park Ranger on a wilderness park.

She taught Yoga and had a Reiki practice for many years. She is not a health and well-being Coach and Podcaster.

Catherine’s passion these days is supporting clients in reconnecting with their own inner Wisdom and well-being.

Experiencing Inner Wisdom Through Tough Times and Good Times

  • Catherine had very little sense of what her life was about or who she was. She saw life as “happening to her”.
  • She realised that a lot of people around her were talking about fear most of the time. This did not resonate with her and so her transformational journey began.
  • She wanted to know what it was that took her away from the feeling of being guided. She wanted to be consistently guided by the “Divine”.
  • At some point she stopped looking outside of herself for happiness and began to look within.
  • She realised that whenever she handed life over and stopped feeling like a Victim she saw that life unfolded in a better way.
  • Catherine looked for something simpler to understand her true nature. She finally found Sydney Banks and The 3 Principles (Consciousness, Mind and Thought). She began to understand that she could think herself away from this deep, peaceful knowing within.
  • The only thing that obscures our inner Wisdom is our conditioned, personal thought stream.
  • Inner Wisdom is inter-changeable with intuition, true nature and divine Mind.
  • When she feels negative, insecure and fearful she no longer thinks that is her intuition speaking to her. Intuition comes with a peaceful, absolute clarity.
  • All our thoughts and conditioning are in our personal thought stream.
  • Everything we need is found within the depth of our Soul and it finds us even when our personal thinking is chaotic.
  • Sydney Banks says that we are experiencing our thinking in every moment. That is the filter that we experience our life through and when it is fearful, negative and doesn’t feel good it tell us that we are caught up in our own personal thinking. It is possible to notice when this happens and maybe go for a walk, do some yoga or whatever occurs to us to settle down and listen for a deeper Wisdom.
  • Katie Byron says “Life happens for you and not to you”.
  • The quality of the relationship we have with other people often mirrors the quality of the relationship with ourselves.

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