Armchair Talk with Anke Herrmann – Journey to a Passion Business

Originally from Germany, she lived in Australia and the UK before in 2004 she decided to quit her IT job in London to move to Spain and start a sewing business – with nothing but a love for sewing and plenty of enthusiasm.

8 years later she was burned out and started her own journey of self discovery which ultimately lead her to becoming a coach.

She now helps other free spirits with a strong analytical mind and a big idea turn their passion into a business, and she hosts the Passion Business Podcast.

Journey to a Passion Business

  • From an village in Peru to making flamenco dresses in Spain and then helping people create a passion business, all via a question “what do you do?”
  • I don’t ever want to look back and wonder what it would be like to live in Spain. I wanted to know!
  • It was so crazy, so out there that failure was almost a given, so why not try.
  • We are certain what will happen when we fail. What if that story isn’t correct.
  • Being a good girl and trying to exceed expectations stops you from saying No!
  • My sense of pressure came from my own personal thinking.
  • Realising you are responsible for what happens to you and not the people and world outside of you is humbling.
  • I can create a spiritual and creative path that allows me to be authentic.
  • Someone might get upset if I get angry, but I will be okay and not ashamed.
  • Awareness allows us to notice when we fall out of our Wisdom.

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