Appointments & Fees

If you are interested in making an appointment to see me, give me a call.  I work with clients all over Essex, Buckinghamshire, London and across the world. 

Due to COVID, therapy has changed to being online and all of my clients have enjoyed working via Zoom.

Don’t worry, it is very personal and easy to use.

I send you a link which  you can access on your mobile, tablet or laptop which when clicked, brings you straight on line.

My clients have told me they love this way of working as they can access me from home, during lunch breaks and in comfort.

Contact me via my Contact page or better still, call me now on 07712 537099 and I will return your call by the end of the day.

Fees for my Therapy Services 

Over 20 plus years of experience to help you with anxiety disorders, depression, addictions and relationship issues.  

1 Hour Therapy Session £65

Smoking Cessation 1½ Hours Session £130
Every year, thousands of people give up smoking successfully and you can to. This one and a half hour session concentrates on the reasons you smoke, what you will gain when you give up and hypnotherapy designed to ensure that your conscious and subconscious work together, ensuring you become a non smoker.

24 hours notification of cancellation is always required otherwise you will be charged for the session.