The Moment A Person Finds Their Voice

The moment a person finds their voice…is the moment their life takes on grace.”

For those of you that are not religious, the word grace does not need to have a religious connotation. To me, grace is about simplicity, effortlessness and congruity. When someone finds grace there’s an elegance, an ease and a sense of wholeness about them. Before a person ‘finds their voice’ it’s likely they’ll be struggling with things in and around their lives.

Before a person knows themselves, what their voice sounds like and what it wants to say, they won’t fully be who they can be. Their life might be full of clutter. They’ll feel like they’re looking for something. They’ll feel, in those quiet moments, that something’s missing.

Finding your voice is finding you. Here’s something I want you to try.

1. Imagine that your voice – in a more vital, more congruent, more graceful you – is at your front door, waiting to be let in.
2. You open the door, invite your voice in and offer it a seat, maybe even something to drink. It’s okay if you want to pretend like you’re out or shout “Not today thank you” through the door. This doesn’t happen every day, but there you are, you and ‘your voice’ sitting together in your home.
3. Your voice thanks you for your hospitality and says that it has some important things to say, some things that it wants you to know.

4. What does your voice tell you? What does that more vital, more congruent, more graceful part, want you to know? What might your voice have learned or discovered that it wants to pass on to you? Write down your answers.

Grace is magical.  It is the essence of our confidence.  When you find your voice, when you let in who you are and what you’re about, you also let in grace.   And that’s where the magic in life lives.