Addictions can come in many different guises.  We usually think of drugs or alcohol but shopping, gambling, sex and the Internet can also be put under this heading.

Have you tried to give up?  Returned to your addiction within days, weeks, months or even years?

Addictions serve a purpose. Does it help you to escape from a difficult reality in order to cope with your uncomfortable emotions?  Do you try to fit in with a social group or are you trying to escape pain?


The relief from "doing" your addiction is only temporary.  What started as a relief, a friend, becomes a vicious enemy.  Suddenly you find yourself locked in a terrible cycle.


Do you want to start taking responsibility?  If you do, then we can work together to find the source of your fear, the feeling that drives you to do what you do.


If you are ready to take the first step and WANT TO make changes then...



For your next step to resolving your addiction, all you need to do is
email me or call on 07712 537099 to take advantage of your free
30 minute phone consultation or to book an appointment




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